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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am not alone in my view of ESBs

... or at least this is what I think. Today I have subscribed to the blog of IONA CTO Eric Newcomer, and I have found a post about "The ESB question" that makes me believe so: IONA sells a distributed agent infrastructure instead of a big clunky ESB.

This makes me very happy, because every time I discuss with people about ESBs I end up with the feeling that I am the only one thinking that, while ESBs perform some useful features, the current concept of putting the ESB as the heart of the SOA is wrong.

From some weeks I have had a pending task of writing a series of posts dissecting and detailing this opinion. I hope some day I will. But besides I will also collect these kind of opinions close to mine, even if it serves only to raise my morale a little.

So I am keeping a list of articles that argue against, or at least put into doubt, the assumption that an ESB lies in the hearth of every SOA:!%3DSOA

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