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Thursday, November 02, 2006

IBM has abandoned UDDI

One of the original proposers of UDDI, has in fact abandoned it. I have read in IBM people blogs that UDDI will be superseded. In the some 5 papers I have seen about its upcoming Websphere Registry and Repository, I have seen no mention of it. And this later paper about "Web service standards for Service Registry and Repository" confirms this: they mention UDDI, but only as some kind of legacy technology than, if cannot be superseded, has to be kept along with the Service Registry and Repository.

I do not know what happened to UDDI. Since the start, very few people used it. I agree in that it has several clumsy things and several other things that have yet to be added to it, but I think it deserved better destiny.

Now that I come to it, while UDDI was for service registries, WebDAV was for document repositories and it has come to a similar fate. Few people use it and many loath it.

At any rate, some standard way of accessing a registry and repository is badly needed in SOAs, and I reckon also for a service WWW. So something will come up, I guess. We'll see.


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