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Thursday, September 28, 2006

I am not alone in my view of ESBs

... or at least this is what I think. Today I have subscribed to the blog of IONA CTO Eric Newcomer, and I have found a post about "The ESB question" that makes me believe so: IONA sells a distributed agent infrastructure instead of a big clunky ESB.

This makes me very happy, because every time I discuss with people about ESBs I end up with the feeling that I am the only one thinking that, while ESBs perform some useful features, the current concept of putting the ESB as the heart of the SOA is wrong.

From some weeks I have had a pending task of writing a series of posts dissecting and detailing this opinion. I hope some day I will. But besides I will also collect these kind of opinions close to mine, even if it serves only to raise my morale a little.

So I am keeping a list of articles that argue against, or at least put into doubt, the assumption that an ESB lies in the hearth of every SOA:!%3DSOA


  • Of course you are not alone in your view of ESBs ;-). Check out my latest post on the hourglass model for architecture, and how this might move away ESBs from the center of the SOA / web architecture attention:

    By Blogger Loek Bakker, at 10:07 AM  

  • Hi - Yes, that is correct, we are selling and enhancing a distributed SOA infrastructure, of which an ESB is part. One problem the other vendors get into is that they do not seem to realize that the current popularity of SOA is due to a fundamental shift in the IT market. Customers do not need a lot of new features and functions - in many cases they already have more than they use. What the IT industry needs now is a way to improve and refine what's already there, and that means working well with existing application environments.


    By Blogger ENewc, at 12:53 PM  

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